26 April 2012

|| Hello Pretty J Heart Ring ||


Look who joined the wedding ring party!
The lovely J {for Jachen} heart ring is added to my stack to mark our one year anniversary. I love me a stack of rings. The aquamarine given when Jachen proposed, the little heart ring on our wedding day and now the J on our anniversary. Do you notice how shiny and clean my stone is? Yup, just got it cleaned yesterday. The jeweler said I could just use a toothbrush and dish soap, I'll believe it when I try it. I forgot how sparkly it was though, it was sure dirty underneath the stone. Also, it turns out these rings are great photo models. Thanks Jachen for the ring.



Jenn said...

Seriously, Adorable!!! Great pics too :)

brooke field said...

what a sweet stack of rings! love the original-ness.

Natalie said...

Wow! Was it a surprise, or did you pick it out? Very cute addition, it goes well.

kaitlin said...

i agree with natalie, was that your choice?

i'm guessing yes.

and i love it!!!

joslin said...

i love these so much together.