19 April 2012

|| BFF Kaitlin No Middle Name Farmer ||

Just some girl I know who is graduating TODAY from BYU. Hot dog!
Didn't she just start? Heck, didn't I just start? 
Now I have been graduated for 2 years and now she is graduating.

My first visit, at least documented, to visit her at BYU while I was up at BYU-Idaho
was in 2008...wait really? Is that right Kaitlin? Ya must be cus those pics are from 
when you were in the dorms. Lots of great visits to visit her while she was at school, 
this one was the best. College is such a good time, but you will also really like 
being FREE from school!! Hooray you did it!


Natalie said...

Yeah for Kaitlin! It feels not that long ago that I graduated from BYU, but that was 11 years ago!

kaitlin said...

!!! thanks! the shout out is an honor. and you should be receiving your announcement sometime soon haha i got it sent finally.

i can't believe those trips that you sent, how funny/scary are those pineapple pictures!

and oh man, was that a fun trip when you came to visit for josin's surprise bday. we've had good times.

joslin said...

man she is an oldie now. :) jk. go kait! seriously you coming to utah and us coming to you (once haha) was the best. i miss it. :( hahaha when you and kait surprised me. what a hoot. that was the best one for sureeee.