28 March 2012

|| Velvet Sofa ||


I was just watching the episode of Seinfeld where George is dating a girl with a male roommate. George is in love with velvet and this girl has a velvet sofa in her apt. He tries to get her to get rid of the male roommate so he can have the velvet sofa to himself. He gets his wish and the man moves out, but it turns out that the velvet sofa was not the girl's sofa, it was the male roommate's and he moved out with it.
I sure love this show. I would love a pretty velvet sofa. Not a fugly old vintagy one, but a pretty well designed one like unto the one from Urban. I am just so in love with a good lookin' sofa. 
How do you feel about a velvet sofa? Scary? Lovely?


Natalie said...

Scary. How do you clean velvet? I absolutely LOVE this sofa though. I am pretty obsessed with sofas these days. i keep seeing really amazing ones in photos of beautiful houses, where in the heck are those sofas from though...where does one find amazing sofas? I think rich people have secret shops that they can go to that have all the cool stuff. seriously.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I am sure you can just clean it like any other couch. I am thinking rich people have home stylists...and those stylists know where to shop. But it's true there must be home stores I don't know about cus i know there are so many great sofas out there.