09 March 2012

|| Song Of The Day//Andrew Bird ||

New Andrew Bird album out! 
Danse Caribe has lots of layers, so be sure to listen to the whole song.

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Kyla said...

Oh, I'm such a fan of Andrew Bird...his music is perfect to listen to while at work :)

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Oh yes, this would make a great work soundtrack. I can't even remember what's it's like to have a job! Ha.

kelsie rae. said...

i remember hearing andrew bird for the first time clear back in 2005ish when he opened for nickel creek. i remember falling in love with his live whistling. Thanks for reminding me of his awesomeness!

oh and p.s. that's so funny that you're friends with taylor, and that you critiqued the logo he worked on for me for our identity class. taylor is basically a rockstar designer! did you guys take classes together at byui?