19 March 2012

|| OHHH, Jachen ||

I just wanted to share this funny thing my husband said the other night. Hopefully it sounds as funny as it was to me. Before I tell you what he said you should know his good friend here likes the Goonies movie. So out of the blue Jachen says this. Also, he is referring to when we live in the States and Christian comes to visit us from Switzerland.

Jachen "When Christian comes and visits us we should take him to Portland."
Me "Why is that?"
Jachen "So we can take him to see the Goonies house"
Me "Well, it's not in Portland, but ya that's a good idea we should take him to Astoria. That area is so pretty."
Jachen "Ya and we can tell him we are going to a fort and surprise him"
Me "A fort? WHY of all things say a fort??"
Jachen "I don't know just tell him we are going to some ruins, like a fort"
Me "HAHAHAHAH, that is so random" then I laughed for a couple minuets about this. I mean who thinks to tell someone they are going to see a fort? Must be the Swiss in him to think to tell him we are going to some ruins. Granted, we did see some ruins that day, but funny that he thought of that. Funny enough that he wanted to surprise him instead of just telling him we are going to the Goonies house. I love the random things this husband of mine says.

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