31 March 2012

|| Help! ||

Tomorrow Jachen and I are going to purchase ipod skins from my Society6 shop, but I can't 
decide out of these 4 which to get. I am partial to the top left one, but I just don't know! Which 
should I get?? Jachen is getting THIS one for his ipod which I am happy about because I love, 
love that one. So??? 

Ps. there is free shipping at Society6/Party In The Mountains until Sunday!!! So, get a move on it!


Mel said...

I Love the one Jachen is getting!!! So pretty!

I like the one on the top right the best! I'd definitely get that one! really like that one.

Julene said...

good choice Jachen!

And i am torn between the top two. they're both so cute. Monica, I just don't know!!!

Natalie said...

I agree with the above comments, it's between the top two also. I really love Jachen's choice though!