23 March 2012

|| Cirque Knie ||


Tomorrow we are headed to the Knie circus here in Switzerland. A couple weeks ago we saw a poster for Knie and decided then and there that we should go and bought tickets shortly after. I am so  excited! We plan to go early and hang out in Rapperswil before it starts in the afternoon. Rapperswil is one of my favorite little cities. {you can see Rapperswil here, I lived near Rapperswil when I was an Aupair here a couple years ago} I will try
and take some pictures of our day, hopefully I can take some sort of picture inside as well. We can't wait for tomorrow, it will be a great day. I can't wait to see what a Swiss circus is like.

Aren't those Knie posters above pretty cool? I love them.

We are going to be sitting somewhere in section E...hopefully we can see.
Binoculars will be in stow. E seems so far, but maybe it won't be as bad?


 Doesn't Rapperswil look like a beautiful place? That's cus it is. See the castle?
 Stay tuned for pictures and details of our day.


1 comment:

stephanie said...

Those posters ARE cool. I like the ones that look like they should be hung in a child's room.

Rapperswil is a half hour from lake Walensee. Looks like we'll have to go there the day we go to the lake. Hmm?