21 February 2012

|| I Love Activia ||

I first had Activia when I was in Switzerland as an Aupair. I got sick on the plane ride back from Egypt, for about two weeks I would get random stomachaches. So my boss suggested I try their Activia yogurt. Wow, tasty! Who knew!? You know how yogurt can have that flavor in it that just makes it taste...well like yogurt? Like almost a bad after taste, but not even just after, but during. If that makes sense. Activia doesn't have that flavor. It is a very tasty yogurt. I have only eaten the strawberry flavor, but I am sure they are all good. I still buy it because not only do I like the taste, but I like the size. A good amount of yogurt, not too much. And of course it is known for helping your digestive system, so there is another bonus. So if you need a new yogurt, try this brand. It's not JUST for old people which the commercials seem to emphasize. 


Natalie said...

you would think you were getting paid to say this! I've never tried it.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

HA, I wish. But if that were true, then I would be getting paid to promote everything on this blog...since I really do promote a LOT of companies and products. It really is good yogurt.