07 February 2012

|| As Of Late... ||

I have been wanting this daily journal or one like it because I love the idea of having just a few lines a day to write that day's daily activities. I think it would be fun in a few years to look back on our daily routine and what we filled our time with. Until I find a journal like that, I need to get back to updating life on my blog which I had, for the most part, been doing over here.
\\It is either cold or freezing for the majority of the day in our apt. Outside it has been freezing and that freezingness has been leaking into our apt...I also think it is the BAD heaters in this apt. We are in the works of fixing this and I hope soon enough we can be warm regularly. The renter just keeps saying they aren't broken and her idea of fixing the problem is providing us with yet another heater...so we have 3 heaters plus a rolling portable heater and now we will be getting another portable heater. Annoying, our apt isn't big enough for all these heaters.
\\Our apt has condensation problems too. It has to be a Switzerland thing because I don't think I have ever heard someone talk about having to open windows during the day everyday in the States. Like the walls in our bedroom get wet. So we are supposed to, even in our contract it says to, open the windows for at least 5min a day. So I do that, and a)it doesn't help that our apt is already cold so I hate it and  b)even though I am opening them we still have some condensation issues. So the window has to be open when we shower{cus of the steam} in an already cold apt. See the problem? I hope this gets resolved.
\\We got snow last week and it pretty much has stayed put since and little has been added to it. The only difference is the decrease of temperature outside...which has been keeping me inside. I am not a fan of walking in snow and I am pretty paranoid I might slip and hurt either ankle. This is a real thing, I am paranoid. I had enough ankle problems for my lifetime.
\\We have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh my, so awful. I don't know which is worse Sarah Michelle Gellar's acting, the stupid monsters or the awful fighting scenes. BUT we enjoy it.
\\The book I am currently reading is Eragon. Jachen bought it for me for Christmas and I actually really like it. I love the writing style and I enjoy the read. I am so into books these days.
\\Our baby pumpkin is still alive and well, pictured above.
\\One of my FAVORITE parts of the day is receiving pictures or video of my nephew Henry which I get pretty much everyday. Isn't that picture above of him SOO cute? Look at him chillin' in that cart. What a cutie. I haven't met Henry yet, he was born right after we moved to Switzerland. Silly boy. I will meet him in person this June when he and his parents come to visit. I am counting down for that day. Sometimes my nephew Xander{Henry's cousin} appears in some of the photos and videos, that is happy too.
\\I watch a lot of Seinfeld, well that's pretty typical.
\\I am so ready for warm weather. I almost can't even remember what it's like to be warm outside.
\\I constantly have dishes needing to be washed in the sink. It never ends. I just don't have enough counter space for clean dishes so it takes me a long time to get through the stack of dirty ones.
\\I constantly have dreams about going home and visiting home. And in that dream I am always needing to go shopping to get things I can't buy here. I am always at Target shopping in these dreams. What I wouldn't give to go home for just one day.
\\I could really go for some of these Valentine's candy and a rootbeer float.
\\I am pretty sure I need this druzy ring or any druzy ring. Jachen and I went to La Conner Washington, summer 2010 when he came to Seattle to visit me and we went inside this little jewelry store and there I saw druzy for the first time and fell in love. I have been itching for some druzy since.
\\I still have a fantastic husband, almost 10 months being married.


Mel said...

That pictures of Henry is so cute!

The reason why you have to "lüfte" ones a day here, is because the house struture is totally different. American homes are mostly out of wood (here out of stone) and they don't have as good a insolation as they do here. You are supposed to open your windows ones a day so that the air in the room can exchange at least ones. And opening the window after showering has the simple effect, that the water can leave the room and doesn't start molding on your walls.
It's usually enough to open it after you are done with showering and left the room, for about 5 minutes..max.
Why do they say to leave it open while you shower though is beyong me. that's stupid

If your ap. is so cold, although all those heaters are blasting...(apart from the obvious heater problem) it's probably because your house is not insolated right (or not at all) A lot of old houses have that problem.

I'm sorry that you miss your home so much. I can totally unterstand your dreams though. I so often wish I could just go to any supermarked and buy me some trix :-D Or Life savors...or cool-aid...or just plain old chap stick.....it sucks sometimes.

But then I think about all the wonderful stuff I missed while in the states like the chocolate or nivea cream....And I feel better :)

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I wasn't saying that the renters make us open the window when showering. That we decided on our own, because we noticed a lot a lot of condensation is kept in the bathroom otherwise. But lately Jachen has been opening the window after his shower otherwise the bathroom is too cold to shower in. It's like showering in a freezer!

Ya, I figured it had to do with the way the homes are built here, it's just bizarre and silly that you have to open windows in the winter. And in our case when we already have a cold apt.

I miss sooo much from the States. I won't be back for over a year, that seems such a long time. There is Nivea cream in the states, that is the first time I received some. I love the chocolate here but I would rather of American chocolate any day. ha!

When I move to the states remind me to send you a package of those things you said you missed. I will! If you remind me, you think you can remember that in a year and a half??

kaitlin said...

golly ya i sure do miss you posting about your life. i'd way rather have that then your other three posts combined. tell me what you're doing in switzy. that's why you started the switzy blog in the first place remember!! but i mean, i love your blog either way. i'm just saying. tell us about where you've been walking to in the mornings?

and well you might as well email alek about those books, i remember those being his favoritesss.


stephanie said...

These posts are my favorite too - I like seeing and hearing about your days and your life there.

I feel like I've been slacking the last few days or so with videos of Henry. Sorry if you've noticed that too. I'll fix that.

Is your electric bill going to be crazy with all those heaters going all the time!?

I hate cold.