18 January 2012

|| Potter + Butler Cake Toppers ||

I love these Potter+Butler cake toppers, thanks Oh Joy. 
They are stylish, whimsical and would be great for any occasion. 
Isn't the height of them great?

These remind me of planning my wedding. I miss planning it...a lot. I miss working on decorations, meeting with my sister to go over plans, hanging out with her and her kids while we go shop for all things wedding and the creative ability to do what I want and love. A lot of work went into it, but it was a great process and one that I enjoyed. If I could party/wedding plan for the rest of my life I would be quite happy. I cannot WAIT until my next opportunity to plan a function...I don't get any opportunities here to do. They have almost zero craft supplies here and the ones they do have are pretty outdated. Maybe I should turn that into a challenge for myself? 

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kaitlin said...

need to do something like this for a bday cake, how fun. i was JUST thinking i need to get a basic cake stand for myself for when i make fun cakes. it's time.