27 January 2012

|| Final Touches ||

Earlier this evening we made our way to Ikea. Ikea is pretty much the only store to buy home furnishings...unless we want to pay a bundle. There is no Target here. There were a few things we still needed to make the apt complete. Finally we replaced the white shower curtain, that came with the apt, that we were using as a window curtain with the lovely print above. Ghetto and almost see through. Also, we were in need of a curtain in the kitchen. Got that taken care of. Now, we have a little table to use as a coffee table instead of a cardboard box. The coffee table we used in the house was too big for our bite sized apt so we didn't bring that along. Last, the last bit of storage containers in the kitchen. I decided instead of shelving, I just wanted a couple boxes stacked on top of each other. Ha. We are not going to be living MUCH longer in Switzerland so there is no point in getting fancy. And, now we have our PET{which is what they call plastic recycle bottles }, cans/glass and paper containers...which is that grey, white and black set of containers.
We love our cozy little apt.


Natalie said...

aaah, the heart cutting board. Love the bold prints. The place is looking great. How does Jachen feel about the bold prints? Mark would have a cow.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

He loves it. He looked at this post after I made it and he said "I really like the fabric" plus he was there helping choose so he said he liked them and approved before I cut them off the reem.

Jennifer said...

no way. i have that same ikea fabric, bought it back in october... been wanting to make curtains out of it.