06 January 2012

|| Bye, Bye Schönengrund ||

Tonight is our last night sleeping in Schönengrund {Switzerland} and tomorrow we start sleeping in our new apt! Tonight, we are going to bring a car load to the apt and tomorrow we will bring over our mattresses. A friend of ours will be bringing over our couch tomorrow morning and there will be things we don't need yet still here in the house to pick up other times. We plan on coming back next weekend to finalize getting everything out that we don't want and then the following weekend to clean. I have been packing up the food and last bits of the kitchen today and when you start putting things in boxes and containers you realize how much you really have. Currently, I am filling a large suitcase with random food and kitchenware. I haven't enjoyed packing the kitchen.

I was just informed that we won't get the internet until next week, when it arrives, so I will sadly be missing from my blog for a while. But, that just gives me all the time to unpack, read, work on my cousin's wedding invites and to explore our new city.

Schönengrund is a beautiful place, as you can see in the picture, but we are happy to leave it. Happy for the adventure of our first apartment. 


Kyla said...

What a beautiful photo! Good luck with the move, I know how tough those can be. Have fun exploring your new city!

Katie said...

Moving is so fun, good luck with everything! Love your etsy finds!