30 January 2012

|| B and B//Part Two ||

I had a request for more examples of wearing black and brown together and so I am here now with some examples. My previous post was mostly showing shoes/accessories and so I hope these examples show more how to combine tops and bottoms. There are many shades of brown as you can see and pretty much any of these looks can be replaced with a different brown. I searched for more dark/chocolate brown examples, but right now there aren't many to show, but you can pair black with chocolate brown. I wish I had an example of that. The brown leather jacket with the black jean and the girl with the black dress and brown tights are the closest examples of a darker brown I could find. I absolutely love the coppery and rust colored brown with black, that is my favorite. The look above with the black jeans, black printed cardigan and polka dot shirt is to show how easy it is to throw on a brown, of any shade, shirt with your black pants and cardigan. Also, you can pair your brown trousers with black blazers. Brown skirts with black tops, black dress with brown blazers or jackets and of course brown or black sweaters with the opposite in pants. Not only is it a lost rule that you can't wear brown and black together, BUT it is actually fashion forward to pair them together. Don't think because you are wearing a black dress that you have to wear black shoes with it or that you have to wear black tights. Don't think that because you are wearing brown that you can't wear your favorite black shoes with them or that you have to wear your black purse. Your man can wear his camel church shoes with this black slacks all he wants. Mix it up! I hope you can see the possibilities of this combo. Also, if you OWN what you wear then it doesn't really matter what you wear. 

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PDCScarbroughpage said...

Thank you Monica! This is perfect, and I knew I was under-utilizing my wardrobe. I'm not huge on brown usually, but was given some nice clothing including a lot of brown pieces, and I was at a loss as what to do with them all! I love black and have a lot of it too so this will definitely help me get started mixing and matching them up.