13 December 2011

|| Starting Over ||

Since we are moving we will be eliminating furniture and belongings as well as getting new ones. Which really is great, but will be a lot work. We were left furniture when his mom moved out{this house was hers before we took it over} and a lot of the furniture we don't even use or is too big to bring along. The new apartment is a lot smaller than our current house and we will need a new and mini kitchen table, chairs, shelving, storage boxes etc...oh ya, and a freezer. We will be starting over again. The new place is very very different and we/mostly I will need to adjust to all the differences. For example the two bedrooms in the apartment BARELY fit our bed let alone our nightstands we have currently on both sides of our beds. We were going to have our bed in the farthest bedroom, but the bed just doesn't work in there...so our bedroom will be the first room next to the living room. So we will be juggling things around to work with the new place. The kitchen doesn't have many drawers or cupboards, but has plenty of wall space for shelving and we will just be squeezing things in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

The closest to packing so far is putting one of the packing boxes into our office. Since we have more time to move in we don't need to start packing right away. Well, partly because we don't need to and partly because I don't know where or what to begin with and so I'm putting it off a bit. But, I think I am okay with that...even though I just WANT to start because "the starting" feels like moving will happen sooner. Tonight, Jachen and I will read and sign the contract{we were given the contract to take home so we weren't rushed the night we were at the apartment} and then I want to go over our moving/packing strategy. I am a major planner and I have to have things mentally planned out first. I don't like not having a plan for future events...even though we don't really have to start packing for a couple weeks...I have to plan it out in advance. I think the planning of the packing will help me feel more eased about the not physically starting the packing yet. I'm crazy, yet productive, like that.

I know you are anxious to see what happens, I know I am.


stephanie said...

Ack. I wrote a whole paragraph of a comment on this post on my iphone then realized i couldn't submit it b/c my iphone doesn't show the word verification. Lame. And I don't feel like redoing it now that I'm on a laptop. So this is your comment instead. Enjoy.

stephanie said...


I was just telling you how I organized my packing. Maybe you remember when you helped us move. I put color coded stickers (I bought a pack of white label stickers and colored on them with highlighters - I don't know why I did that, I think I already had those stickers or something) on boxes that represented what room the stuff went into. It was good to do that when packing because it saved time from labeling the boxes with what was in it. Plus, labeling what is in each box is almost impossible when you get to the small stuff where there is 20+ things in each box. Also it was helpful with moving because helpers knew where to put it. And having the box in the correct room starting out made unpacking quicker too.

The last think I packed was my clothes and the dishes. I didn't want to think about what dishes I needed to leave out (I do have some platters and things I rarely use - those were packed early) and I didn't want to live out of a suitcase. Plus, I didn't have to pack my clothes ever. I think I just put them, on their hangers still, in my car. The first things I packed was artwork and other decorations. That's hard to do, though, because it makes your house feel really empty and it just feels like you're moving. But, it's truly the only thing we didn't "use" on a regular basis. I think I also packed up our books early too.