13 December 2011

|| Holiday Cards ||

I love these great and well designed Christmas cards. 
Wouldn't you love to give or receive any of these? 

I would love to have a stack of great cards ready for use so that I will always be
ready for any occasion. The other day I informed Jachen that one of my goals is
also to have wrapping paper and gift packaging ready as well. I don't enjoy scrounging
for gift wrap at the last second and somehow it always feels like I am. Are you prepared
ahead of time with cards and gift packaging or are you like me and have to make a
quick trip to the store each time?      


Natalie said...

Um, you wont have room for that stuff in your new teeny tiny apartment. But someday...it will be nice to have those things on hand. (teasing)

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

OH, well I didnt mean here...however I do need to buy some birthday wrapping paper so I have that on stock.

stephanie said...

d, e, f, g