08 November 2011

|| I Love, I Want ||

I am drooling over each of these. 
Wear each dress with the rings, shoes and lipstick. 
Viola, perfection.


Natalie said...

I thought you didn't like wedges?? Didn't you post about hating that they are back in style a ways back? Like in June or something? Did these sparkly ones convert you?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Ha good question.
However, they are completely different I don't like this kind. http://monicalettaloves.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-dont-approve.html
That is wooden and ugly and retro. Like full on retro.

The wedge I have on this blogpost is more of a bootie wedge, I like some of those a lot actually.



See the difference? ha. But really those chunky wooden ones are the problem.

Natalie said...

yes, I see the difference. In my mind they were the same, but looking at the post I see they are not. I still would lump them together, personally. I have seen people walk in these shoes and it looks clunky, so I am not a fan. I do appreciate the amazing construction though.

kaitlin said...

i feel like i need some of these wedges. not those kinds because i wouldn't really wear those. but something likee those.

also, wish you lived here so you could see the pretty mac lipstick i wear these days. it's called "snob." soo pretty.