23 November 2011

|| Here and Then Gone Again ||

I have only a bit longer before my battery runs out. Jachen asked a coworker if he could bring his laptop cord to work so he could charge my laptop. So, yesterday Jachen took my laptop to work to charge. Phew. Having my laptop working for a couple hours has me missing it. I sure don't like being rushed, but I am glad I could get the images I needed off my computer as well as post on here a little.

GUESS WHAT?! We are pretty sure we found an apartment! Our Bishop mentioned his daughter was moving out of her apartment so we contacted her and went last night to check it out. It is MINIATURE...no dishwasher and the tiniest fridge. Tiny fridge meaning ONE shelf. Death. However "cozy" the apartment is it is nice, new, there is a storage room, a dryer{lots of places we have looked doesn't have a dryer}, newly painted and nice floors. She also is willing to leave a few pieces of furniture that we actually need. Also, the big thing is it is a GREAT price. I was skeptical at first when we went in because we have been in search of a 2 bedroom and this one is a 1 bedroom, but the place had a bit of character for the price and we could easily store our extra bedding in the storage room and bring it out when people come to visit us. ALSO, she is moving out in a few weeks and she said she would pay for the rest of Decemeber, half of January and we will pay the other half of January and we can start moving in in the middle of January. That will be nice to not have to rush moving in one day, we can take our time. The apartment is only 10min from Jachen's work...we timed it. Another negative is it is not too much in a "city" like we wanted, but it still has some great walking places and a it has a mini little store I could walk to. My biggest worry is the tiny fridge. We could buy some sort of freezer/fridge, but then it would have to be out in the living room. There are also very little shelves/cupboards in the kitchen so we would have to be creative about where we keep things in the apartment. The price is too good to pass up and we will just have to adjust to a smaller apartment and hand washing ALL our dishes. It feels nice and new and though it is small the price fits the place. Needless to say I couldn't sleep last night. My mind was racing about all the adjustments and changes that will happen if we choose to live in this place. But, I think mostly we have just been spoiled living in a house since we have been married and living in a tiny apartment will be a great adventure. We are deciding in the next few days, but I am sure we will be choosing this place. Well that is that.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Can you? You ready? I will miss the yummy food I am used to on Thanksgiving, but we are making it the best we can with what we have. I sure wish I could eat some pumpkin pie or pumpkin squares tomorrow. However I did get a bit of pumpkin pie on Sunday which was for realsy handmade fresh from pumpkins and all, delicious.{I will tell you about the Ward Thanksgiving lunch when I get my laptop charger cord back}.

My birthday is on Saturday and of course this week is going like a slug. The one week that is taking it's sweet time. Also this weekend we will begin the Christmas decorating. Yippee! I just noticed today our across the street neighbor has some Christmas decor outside...it really is happening! I mentioned last night to Jachen I should make him a Christmas music mix for his car and he replied "Well then I will be singing Christmas music"{cus remember in a previous post I said how I don't let him hum Christmas music} so then I replied "Well after Thursday, Thanksgiving, you are allowed to!". I am so excited to start listening to Christmas music. I am ecstatic about getting my hands on that Bieber's Christmas album and I also already have the new Michael Buble Christmas...can't wait! Also, don't tell anyone, but I am kinda excited for the snow. I know as soon as the snow comes I will change my mind...I have never been a huge fan. Lie. Actually, I probably was a fan as a kid...but that doesn't count.

I have had plenty to do even though I have been without my laptop, but I sure would like to have it back in my life. AND luckily I have an iPod and can access internet easily there. In the previous post I mentioned using Jachen's ancient PC...it's fine, but he has a European keyboard which has the Y and Z switched and that just gets confusing ALSO there is no exclamation key. Bizarro. Bless my laptop.

I will be back soon! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Black Friday!


stephanie said...

Such great news!

I'll try to help you think of meals you can make that are "pantry" meals since you're more likely to be able to find creative spaces for pantry food than to have space for food that needs to be in the fridge.

Natalie said...

um, that must be why Europeans are so level (calm, boring, whatever you want to call it), no exclamation point. You cant be exciting if you live without exclamation points. (kidding Jachen, you are pretty exciting)

Natalie said...

and great news about the apartment. I couldnt do it, but i know you can. You will make it work and you will love it. What's the price anyway?

kaitlin said...

that apartment, you're kidding! i hope it works out, i won't believe it till it happens. there are too many good things there to pass it up. new! and cheap. and not gross hahaa that's a keeper. i mean really you guys HAVE been spoiled with a huge house and dryer AND washer. what what! you'll get used to doing dishes. i mean shoot even tons of my friends in UT who are married don't have ANY laundry and it's expensive and no washer. and teeny/gross. so it will be good for you :). i'm excited to hear how it goes. AND GET ON SKYPE ALREADY!!!