16 October 2011

|| An Olma Morning ||

We went to Olma this Saturday. Olma{O.L.M.A} is the German abbreviation for East Switzerland Farm Market Exhibition. There was an exhibition you had to pay to get in and then outside were booths, food stands, rides and so on that is free to walk around and take part in. We just took part in the outside booths. The event was in the nearby city called St. Gallen and where we parked enabled us to walk through the city to get to wear the event was. It was nice to walk through St. Gallen because we haven't been for so long. So the first six photographs I took while walking through St. Gallen to get to the start of Olma. In my experience, it felt like I was at a mini mini mini State Fair, but the Swiss version of it. We bought garlic bread to share{pictured}...YUM, cotton candy{pictured}, I got a necklace and a chocolate coconut marshmellowy treat{pictured}, a wedge of the honey almond french nougat{pictured} and some Haribo candy from their booth. We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the different merchandise and products for sale. It was a very chilly and foggy Saturday morning, but such an enjoyable experience and so happy it didn't rain. OH and remember how I told you the Swiss look at me funny when I take pictures? Well, this event was no exception. There was ONE other person with a camera we saw and every time I would take a picture I was looked at strange. SO bizarre!
Until next year.

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rob said...

Haribo booth? I will be there tomorrow!