07 October 2011

|| Lovely Rings ||

I love chunky rings. I also love rings on multiple fingers on the same hand. Chunky goodness. Are you a chunky ring girl, a small ring girl or a no ring girl? a.b.c.d.e.f.g


Kyla said...

Great post! I've been all about rings lately, they're such a subtle statement piece, if that even makes sense! My favorite rings are in picture C :)

Chantel said...

Once again with your amaaazing style!

Oh and thanks for letting me know that the link didnt work on my old blog! It is now fixed!

It's chantelmarie.com FYI:))

Let be friends! Add me on Fbook! Chantel Tripp
aaaand you have theeee most amazing style I need to following you on Pinterest, so get into lady you'll love it!!

kaitlin said...

lately i've been quite the ring person. three on one hand sometimes, which i mean, is kind of alot!