18 October 2011

|| Pretty Blanket ||

Jachen's grandmother {Grossmutter}, is moving just like how we are. For those of you who don't know Jachen's grandparents live next door from us...literally. I could touch her door from mine. In fact our homes are attached. She has been getting rid of stuff from her home. I have already received a bag of ribbon that I picked out from her three enormous bags of ribbon, a new fleece blanket and a toaster. This past Sunday at church, when I walked into Relief Society I eyed this knitted {or is it crochet?} blanket. The colors caught my eyes and I thought to myself "What is that doing there, I wonder what that's for". When the announcements were being made at the beginning of class it was announced that Luise, Jachen's grandma, was getting rid of everything on that, THAT, table. At the same moment I was excited I also had a stomach pain because I was worried someone would beat me to the table after class. The whole class I thought about that blanket..."How am I going to get there first? Do I just go now? Do I RUN up after closing prayer?"...I felt nervous for it all class time. Funny, huh? I really wanted it! As you can tell I won the race to the table...right after closing prayer I walked quickly, but nonchalantly up to that table and snatched it up! Phew. The colors are fabulous {perfect for Fall!} and it looks great in our living room especially great in helping cover our ugly lime green couch. I love it. Grossmutter doesn't know yet that we have it...it will probably be a surprise to her. I will have to ask her if she made it and then maybe sneak in a..."So you wanna make me another?"


Jenn said...

haha! I love it. P.s, your living room is super cute :)

Mel said...

There is nothing better than grandparents getting rid of stuff ^^ half of my kitchen consists of stuff my grandma didnt need anymore.

Love the blanket. It's a crochet blanket. I'm a little crochet freak myself and I can tell that she knows what shes doing (like all grandmothers ^^ )
My grandmother knits and every birthday and christmas the family gets a new pear of hand knittet woll socks. THERE AWESOME!


Natalie said...

Funny story! Glad you got the blanket cause it looks great.

kaitlin said...

um you're kidding. WHAT A FIND. i really need my grams to learn to make stuff like this!


joslin said...

so not fair! cuteeee!