17 October 2011

|| gals&hair | Emma Louise | Jungle Download ||

It is no secret I want rockin' short hair. SOMEDAY, that dream will come true...however it might be when I am 60 years old, but it will still be rockin'. I love not only Emma Louise's music, but also her hair. Whenever I see someone with an awesome short haircut I am always envious of how they look chic. Dynamic haircuts just seem to make a person always look sharp/chic and put together...without "trying". Check out her music video for Jungle and if you like the song...I have provided you with a FREE download of that song, HERE! You can find the rest of her EP called Full Hearts and Empty Rooms on itunes. Three more great songs I think you will like.

Remember how I used to do "gals&hair" posts often? I may restart that. Emma Louise is a great place to start. What are your thoughts on short haircuts for gals?
Pretty great music video too, huh? Download Jungle HERE.


Chantel said...

loooove! what font is that that her name is in?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

It is called Ostrich Sans...I use it all the time. I love it.