20 October 2011

|| Desert Noises ||

My sister Stephanie reminded me last night of this band called Desert Noises. I remember her telling me a couple years ago about how the lead singer, Kyle, from this band called Desert Noises slept on hers and my brother in laws couch while he was in Seattle for a show. I remember being bummed I was at school and not there to meet him or listen to him open for Drew Danburry.{is that what it was? he opened for him?} You can read the story here. Stephanie sent me a link to their brand new album Mountain Sea, here, and thought I would like it. I for sure do! I have been listening to it today and am very impressed. They have such an amazing and mature album for such young guys. I will be sure to add this album to my itunes soon enough. You really should check out the tracks on the new album Mountain Sea, here, where you can listen to each song in full OR below you can check out each track. Nifty. The album is $9.90 on iTunes and $7.99 on that link. So what do you think? You love too?

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