06 October 2011

|| Bath & Body Works ||

I can only imagine that these all smell divine. I love Bath and Body works, especially their seasonal smells. I love when Fall and Christmastime SMELL like that time of the year. A few years ago I bought at Bath and Body works their Leaves and Autumn Berry fragrances and I wear them every Fall. They smell JUST like Fall...they are amazing. I still have a few years worth, but I wish they would come out with these fragrances again so I can stock up for the rest of my life. Has anyone bought this years? Are they as good as the sound? This is a store on my list of stores I wish was here in Switzerland. If only. 


Veronica said...

we have candles and soaps in both of the pumpkin ones, and they are the bomb.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

OH man, so great. I wish. Glad to know they are as good as they sound.