18 September 2011

|| Rainy Day Nostalgia ||

Today is your typical rainy, chilly day. I love this kind of day. Although there is something about a day like this that just makes everything feel a little gloomy, but gloomy...at least to me... isn't always a bad thing. A slow, quiet, peaceful kind of gloom. I feel a rainy day is very nostalgic. I am taken to a place far far away, away into the past. It's as though every rainy day is linked together and I feel a piece of each of those days. I laid in bed this morning listening to the rain and something about the chilly room and the falling of the rain made Fall feel THAT much closer. There is something very perfect about a day like today. The husband is enjoying a hobby, warm homemade taco soup for lunch, the Fall-like scented candle lit in a dark kitchen, my cardigan on, cold toes, a "rainy day movie" being watched and after it is over some quiet. I remember days growing up where I would crunch leaves as I walked down a dampen path and watch out of my Elementary windows the leaves changing into their Fall colors. I remember those rainy day recesses and the drinking of warm cocoa. The umbrella I didn't bring to school and the wet hem of my jeans. The glisten of wet grass and the many spiders forming their webs. Rainy days are the beginning, September is the beginning of it all. The link to all other Falls. 
Now, I think I am going to go eat some pumpkin seeds.  

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kaitlin said...

oh boy has it turned cold on us these past few days. kind of fun though, to pull out the fall/winter clothes. i had been able to wear shorts right up until 2 days ago!