25 September 2011

How is your weekend going? In Switzerland it is almost our bedtime on the last night of the weekend. Oh how it goes so fast. This weekend's highlights were waking up at 430am to get ready to make our 2 hour drive{well technically we carpooled} to the Bern LDS Temple, found cans of Root Beer! at a store, goofed off with my husband, skyped at my friends baby shower and blogged. Also, Friday night Jachen and I watched the new Jane Eyre movie. I highly recommend it as long as you know it's not like the other period pieces which are a bit more lighthearted. This one is a little raw and dark. But a beautiful love story filmed very beautifully and done very well. That pretty much sums up our weekend. Oh, and I saw cows crossing a bridge over the autobahn{freeway}, that was a funny sight. 


Mel said...

I always get so excited when I see rootbeer around here. I always have to bye me one and drink it imidiatly. The problem is...I don't even like rootbeer...and I can never finish the can.....it's totally stupid..but I get so excited finding amarican things...I just have to bye them ^^ stupid..actually.

sounds like a great weekend :)


kaitlin said...

what a fun little road trip. and root beer!

and i love that you skyped for the baby shower, so fun.