20 September 2011

|| All things lovely... ||

|Seriously delicious and a big step up from Junior Mints|


Mel said...

Uuuh....I absolutely <3 the first poster. Ritter Sport pfefferminz (it is THE BEST) and I've been obsessed with ceour de pirate since about a year now. That lady has such a sweet voice. I Like your likes ;)


Monica said...

That got me wondering when me and Coeur first became more acquainted and it turns out itunes keeps record of that...May 2009. cool. yes i love her music, however i must say this new song is NOT as good as her first album. but i still like it.

This is my first real try of Ritter Sport, i may have eaten some before, but never my own purchase, i was eating it while blogging. Yum. {and much cheaper in Germany than in the States}

kaitlin said...

gold masking tape: check.
and in that pouch picture below it, i don't even need the pouch but i love the rainbow skin on the keyboard! so fun. except i was going to buy one then i remembered actually i just love a clean perfect mac without it. so changed my mind.
and love the hammock. a hammock room would be nice.

and what you've never had ritter sport?? try the strawberry jogurht one!!! asap! i'm serious, you know i don't love fruit and chocolate but it is SO good.