10 August 2011

|| London//Part 6 | Portobello Market ||

This road kept going and going and going. We didn't see the end, we had to stop before then. Our feet were telling us to leave and go to dinner so that we could sit down. So that is what we did, we were off to eat Thai food. Yum. This road was filled with amazing items. I could not believe what some people were selling, way cooler than any market I have ever been to. This would be such a cool market to live near. If I lived there I would have bought one of those sweet rugs, which were very cheap, for sure. SO many other cool booths were there that I did not photograph. 


stephanie said...

I would love this! I love the sign-of-all-signs. What is that!?

Was everything cheap?

Jennifer said...

that looks cool. i love the blue colored buildings. yum thai food! one of the best

do you have pinterest?
(if not - see link @ my blog.) + you should join it.

kaitlin said...

oh my gosh. those blankets, the second to bottom picture? wow. pretty neat.

huh. i agree with jennifer. you should get pinterest.


Natalie said...

love the row of buildings! Love that color palette. Great photos, why cant we have cool stuff like that here?
Can you tell I am way behind in your blog.....trying to catch up!