07 August 2011

|| London//Part 3 | The British Museum ||

We had a successful time at The British Museum. We saw many wonderful historical artifacts which includes THE Rosetta Stone in it's caged up, everyone huddled around it glory. That was pretty neat to see in real life. It is always great seeing artifacts that for so long I have seen in textbooks and on power points in my art history classes{when I was in college that is}. When we were looking at the Rosetta Stone, I heard Jachen laugh to himself...I asked him what was funny and he said, "I just connected why the language learning program was called Rosetta Stone. I just thought it was a clever name." Ha. That was pretty funny...Jachen didn't really know what the Rosetta Stone was till we came to the Museum, clearly. There were a lot of people there, but luckily we missed the BIG crowd coming in when leaving. After we left the Museum, we stayed on the grounds and ate lunch. Then we were headed onto the next place.

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kaitlin said...

i don't even know what the Rosetta Stone is. too lazy to google that. or click on your link.