23 July 2011

|| The NEW Lynnwood High ||

I am WAY more excited about this video than I should be. BUTTT nevertheless, I am thrilled to have found this video. A few years ago they tore down the high school I went to. It was the same high school my siblings all went to and a couple of my uncles. It was an old, ugly, falling apart building. Though our school looked like crap we always had a close group of people going there. They rebuilt the school in another location and it is looked amazing on the outside, but I have never had the chance to go see the inside. TILL NOW. Oh my. So amazing. How lucky. We were the only high school in our district that didn't have a new building and Lynnwood sure deserved it. A few other reasons finding this video made me happy....1. The principle I had is in the video talking on it, I loved him. 2. My dance coach/yearbook advisor is talking on it....so good to see her face again. She looks the exact same. 3. I loved what one of the girls being interviewed says about the students being like family and being so diverse because that is how I felt when I was there too. What an amazing building this is with all its windows, ventilation system, beautiful grounds and freshness. AND that theatre, oh my, compared to the theatre at the old school is out of control. I can't imagine being a high school student in a facility like this one. What a great new place for high schoolers.


stephanie said...

uh. no fair.

kaitlin said...

wow that is really neat. can you imagine if i had gone there? funny to think how your life would be different.