19 July 2011

|| Bad spacing, cursed thing ||

I am just saying for records sake, the close proximity of my posts and my side gadgets give me serious, serious heebie jeebies. I am sure to the untrained eye, one might not ever in their whole life time ever notice such a thing. However, I am cursed and this kind of thing drives me nutsso. How do I fix it? No, really...how do I fix it? If I adjust the widths it adjusts it not to my favor. I just want the whole middle posting section to scooch over to the left without it effecting the right side. Blah. I guess I will keep trying. The end. I am going to bed.


Ashlyn, Matchless Vision said...

I am having the same problem. I have been looking it up for weeks now with no luck. If you figure anything out. Would you let me know? And same with me. Good luck dear!

kaitlin said...

it's high time you hire a professional.