08 June 2011

its a BANGS kind of day

It has been AGES since I have worn my bangs like this. It calls for a celebration. A month ago before moving here to Switzy, I got my hair and bangs cut and I didn't love the results. I have spent every day since with my bangs twisted to the side or back. Blah. But today I gave it a go. Not hating it, but it sure feels different. I used to wear my bangs like this ALL the time, how did I do it? I feel like I am wearing a visor. It is only the afternoon, so we will see how long it lasts like this before I either swoop them over or pin em back. But for now I will enjoy feeling like "myself" again. ps, as you can tell from the pic I also only wear minimal make up these days, unless it's date night with the Mr. then I go all out.

Maybe I did it today because I am headed to a {Swiss} chocolate factory....that calls for celebration too.

1 comment:

joslin said...

i mean these bangs? and this picture. adorable. LOVE THEM. wear them down more silly. :)