27 May 2011

Rainbow partyyy

My little girls {nieces} turned 5 and 2 this past couple of weeks. This past Monday evening {my tuesday morning} was their combined family birthday party. I skyped in from Switzerland which made it my 4am tuesday morning, their evening the day before. I was happy to wake up, there was no way I was going to miss their birthday party. Leah, 5 now, had her first friend birthday party the week before and that was fairy themed. My sister made the smart choice of only having "friend birthdays" on major age birthdays, but there will always be a family birthday party...we like to party. Clara, turned 2 the day of this party...she isn't at age for a friends party yet. The theme was rainbows. Cute.

the party's theme song

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kaitlin said...

i always love those farrar parties. i sure do love how you guys only have friends parties every few years. remind me of that when i'm a mom k? thanks.